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  2. Nevertheless it places Apple in uncomfortable company,
    not just with the NBA—but with different technology firms at house which might be currently permitting
    their innovations to be put to dismaying use by a government shopper.
    Technology is one of the vital fascinating subjects
    to comply with. The phrases are one thing. This all may feel reasonable to those who argue that not providing net
    companies to at least one government company opens the doors to Amazon or
    Microsoft not offering hosting to immigration reform activists in flip.

    Many of these contracts are now public information because of staff at the businesses who’ve criticized their employers publicly within the hopes of spurring them to drop
    ICE. And Amazon’s web services hosts huge databases for the Department of
    Homeland Security, which ICE is part of, which can be used to track immigrants.
    Amazon is offering website hosting to immigration companies
    just as it will for a baseball Little League team.

  3. Former Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart has said
    he has quit the Conservative Party and will stand down at the next general election. The former Cabinet minister was
    among the 21 rebels who had the whip removed by Boris Johnson when he
    defied him in the Commons by backing a move designed to block a
    no-deal Brexit. The Penrith and The Border MP ran against Mr Johnson in the race
    to lead his party in June, but on Friday he announced
    his decision to quit. He did not immediately give a detailed explanation for
    his decision, but he hinted at divisions in politics, and
    the president of his local Conservative association said the PM’s removal of the whip may have played a role.
    Mr Stewart served as international development secretary until his
    resignation from Government in July, shortly before Mr Johnson took office
    and undertook his drastic Cabinet reshuffle. The firm opponent
    of a no-deal Brexit was among the rebels who voted
    to take control of the Commons timetable in order to pass legislation aimed at blocking
    a sudden exit from the EU.

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